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Newsletter # 43


March 1, 2016



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I am devoting this entire issue of the Chatter to this single very important topic.  It is important because if you are not aware of Aruba’s paid parking then your car can get “booted,” that is, a boot is attached to your rear tire so that you are not able to drive your car until it is removed--yes after you have paid the fine.  (This has happened to several Costa Linda owners, and it is not a happy experience.)


Before I get into the details, though, this system is not a horrible thing to experience if it you know how it works.  Locals don’t like paid parking because they now have to pay for parking.  But tourists do like it in general because there are now a lot of open parking spaces available.  A dollar or so for parking is not normally a big deal.




So.  When you are about to park in a parking lot or on the street (even a back street) take a look at your parking space.  If it has WHITE lines defining the space and there is a number (or a letter followed by a number) stenciled to the curb or to the parking space itself that means it is a paid parking spot.  If the space is defined by YELLOW lines it is for permit parking only (i.e. local merchants, etc.), and you should NOT park there at all.  Park ONLY in spaces outlined in white.  Remember the space number; you will need it when you pay.






Next look for the kiosk where you enter parking information and coins.  Bring quarters!  The kiosk WILL take American quarters.  (In many places on the internet it says the kiosks will not take quarters.  But it will.  It counts them as .40 florins, that is, .40 AFL, 40 cents Aruban.  Bring quarters; put them in the glove compartment of your rental car to keep them handy.) 









OK, so now you are in front of the kiosk with your quarters in hand.  Notice that the instructions are printed on the upper right of the front.  The first thing you do is press the green “Push To Start Button.”  In the display at the upper left it will then ask if you want to “Purchase a Ticket” or “Add Time to An Existing Ticket.”  (More about adding time later.)  Press the #1 under the “ENTER SPACE NUMBER HERE.”  The display will now ask you for your parking space number.  Key that in where it says “ENTER SPACE NUMBER HERE,” and then press the green button for “Continue.”  Now put in your quarters.  The display will tell you how much money you have put in and it will tell you when your time will expire. 




When you have put in enough quarters for the length of time you want, then press the green button for “Continue.”  Your ticket will be printed.  Take it.  Notice that on the close up of the ticket above it indicates that I have put in 1.20 AWG (3 American quarters), and that the expiration time is indicated (12:31PM).


Finished?  Not yet!  What do you do with your ticket?  Some places on the internet will tell you to put it on the dashboard so that a roving police person can see it.  Wrong!  Take the ticket with you, and keep it handy.  The police person riding around on his bicycle doesn’t need to see your ticket.  He has a display showing the whole parking lot, and he can see which cars are beyond their expiration time.  He doesn’t need the ticket.


But you do.  What if you find yourself on the other side of Oranjestad and your time is just about to run out?  With ticket in one hand and quarters in the other (I did tell you to bring quarters, didn’t I?) you can approach and use ANY kiosk, not just the one you used when the ticket was produced.  After you press the “Push to Start” button it will ask you “Purchase a Ticket” or “Add Time to an Existing Ticket.”  This time press the “2” not the “1” and you will be able to add quarters to your original time.  It will ask you for the Receipt No. of your original ticket.  NOT your space number, but the Receipt No.  (1406200 on the above close up picture of my ticket).  This will extend your expiration time by as much time as you have entered quarters for.



If you are going to a restaurant or other establishment near the water in back of the movie theatre (for example SideBar) you don’t have to pay for parking there because the lots back there are not outfitted (yet?) with the paid parking equipment.  In this case tell the guard when you drive in, and he will let you pass (and he will take down your license number).



If you happen to get booted, you can call the telephone number on the boot and pay the guard that responds right there in the parking lot.  Or you can go to the paid parking office (as pictured above) to pay your $43.00 fine.  It is located on the same street as the Que Pasa and Yemanja restaurants (between them, on the opposite side of Wilhelminastraat Street).


If you have friends or family joining you who will be renting a car and perhaps parking you have permission to forward this newsletter them.  Also you can print this newsletter and take it with you to Aruba on your next trip.


I hope this edition of the Chatter has been useful to you and your friends.  I hope it will save you money, time, and maybe some angry moments.  As always, I appreciate your feedback.  Please let me know if the Chatter was helpful.






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